Mermaid Home Decor

Charming and Enchanting Indoor Living
Mermaid Treasure

Sea Green Mermaid Wristlet

Mermaid 20 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Tropical Ocean Mermaid  Frame

Mermaid on a Shell Globe

Mermaid Mail Holder

32GB USB Flash Drive  Credit Card Size Mermaid

Trinket Tray - Let's Be Mermaids

Mermaids Holiday Ornaments Set of 2

Mermaid Soap//polymer/clay/cold Porcelain Silicone Mold

Mermaid Mira in a Shell - Soap/polymer/clay/cold Porcelain Silicone Mold

Mermaid Shelly Soap/polymer/clay/cold Porcelain Silicone Mold

Mermaid Wrapping Paper

Sweet Mermaid Postage Stamps
For more Mermaid Postage Stamps click here
Mermaid Key Sunset Postcard
For more Mermaid Postcards click here

Mermaid Insulated Thermos Bottle


Mermaid Flask

Mermaid Water Bottle
For more Mermaid Water Bottles click here

Dames at Sea Fabric

$29.95 per yard

Mermaid Walking Stick

"Mermaid" Feeding Mat for Pet Bowl, 24 x 15-Inch

"Under the Sea" Everything Notebook, Mermaids

Mermaid Magic Fabric

$10.48 per yard

Handpainted Mermaid Photo Frame, for  2 X 3"  Picture

Mermaid Folding Knife - Blue, Copper & Gold

Hand Carved Mermaid Purple Cowrie Shell 

5" Closed Mermaid Folder Assisted Open Pocket Knife

Under the Sea Treasure Chest - Mermaid Design - Antique Or Rustic Paint Look

Multi Opening Jewelry or Sewing Box with Mermaids 

Shell Pink Mermaid Box Hand Painted

Brunette Mermaid Hand Painted Box

Blonde Mermaid Quote Box. Hand Painted
Mermaid Box Hand Painted

Two Blond Mermaids. Hand Painted Box  $59.00

Pewter Mermaid Bookmark

Mermaid Photo Album  Nice Scrapbook Idea
Mermaids Have More Fun Water Bottle
Green Mermaid Water Bottle

Sand Carved Flask Mermaid & Dolphins, 6oz


Mermaids and Sailing Ship U-Shape Travel Pillow 

Mermaid" Aluminum Magnet, 2" by 3"

Greeting Card Mermaid 5 x 7

Mermaid Cipboard

Mermaid Pet Collar


7" Mermaid Yarn Bowl Choose Your Hair & Skin

Mermaid Craft Buttons  $12.49

MERMAID Flexible Food Grade Silicone Push Mold for Polymer clay, Resin, Wax, Miniature Food, Sweets, Plaster

Mermaid Walking Stick $24.25


Mermaid Herbena - Silicone Soap/Polymer/clay/cold Porcelain Mold

Mermaid Mold
Mermaid Beach Towel - 30 by 60 inches
Darling Mermaid On Rock Coin Bank Money Piggy

11" Porcelain Shell Coupe with Mermaid Riding Wave

10.25 Inch Bowl: Bronze Shell with Mermaid

8.75 Inch Porcelain  Shell Bowl Mermaid Rides Waves

I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.  Journal

Internet Password Book- Mermaid-Alphabet Tabs

½ Dz. Mermaid Cookies  $19.00

½ Dz. Mermaid and Starfish Cookies 

Mythical Mermaids Coloring Book

Mermaids: Coloring Book for Adults & Kids

Mermaid Coloring Books For Adults

Mermaids - Calm Ocean Coloring Collection

Mermaid Adult Coloring Book: Lost Ocean

Mythical Mermaids - Fantasy Adult Coloring Book

Creative Haven Mermaids Adult Coloring Book

Mermaid Shell Dish 


Claire Murray, Nantucket Inspirations: Designs, Charts & Folklore
Book of Needlework Patterns


Mermaid Figurine Fan $90.88

Mermaid Plaque with Hooks

Mermaid Key Holder


Let's Be Mermaids WoodenBlock Shelf Sitter Stack

Mermaid Key Ring

Hanging Terrarium Mermaid Garden Kit

Mermaid Candle Incense Burner Holder Figurine 

Redhead Mermaid Glasses Case & Lens Cloth

Bronzed Mermaid Incense Holder

Swim Like a Mermaid Photo Frame

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